The primary duty of the Board of Directors is to establish the operational policies of the Association and to exercise its powers and duties in a manner that ensures such policies are carried forth. The Board is not responsible for performing the day-to-day operations of Bellasera. The management agent retained by Bellasera carries out these duties.

The Board has such powers as are necessary and appropriate for the management of the Association's affairs, and for ensuring that the duties and responsibilities of the Association as set forth in the By-Laws, and as provided by law, are fulfilled. The Board may delegate powers to committees, officers, a management agent and, if so delegated, such powers may be exercised without unreasonable interference by the Board.

Directors are elected for a two-year term of office, with a staggered election held every year in April at the Association's Annual Meeting.

Current members of the board are Joe Carlon, Richard Hoffman, Jim Ragborg, Tom Saari and David Wyllie.